DUNETIC Compact is a compact, non-electric manual machine for wash glasses in a restaurant. It ensures a reduction in operational costs thanks to zero electrical energy consumption and low water intake. 

The DUNETIC Compact machine can be easily taken apart making daily cleaning and maintenance simple and not time-demanding.

Dimension-wise, the machine fits  practically every standard sink.

The machine is made of manually assembled, top-quality, biologically harmless materials. All the functional parts have undergone testing, all of which goes toward ensuring life-long and problem-free service with the  DUNETIC Compact glass washing machine.

The DUNETIC Compact machine helps keep your restaurant glasses crystal-clean, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

icona - kapacita Capacity washing: 600 glasses/hour
icona - rozměry Dimensions in cm: L 38 x W 20 x H 36
icona - váha Weight: 2,5 kg
  • compact lightweight machine
  • making use of water pressure for washing
  • zero power consumption
  • simple maintenance
  • water savings up to 70 % compared to common manual washing in a sink
  • suitable for all types and sizes of restaurant glasses
  • perfect washing performance with cold water using special detergent cubes
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